Continuing Center News

The ASC shares a bundle of information about our community, senior activities outside the center, classes, fundraisers, etc.  We do this almost exclusively via emails and Facebook.

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​We publish an electronic monthly calendar, too...  Check THIS out!

​And the best way to get informed?  Join the Astoria Senior Center as a member!  For a mere $20 per year, you are automatically signed up with our many email announcements. Best of all, MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING enjoy certain liberties that non-members do not share.  Things such as free use of approximately 3000 videos; free coffee and snacks; free Saturday movie and popcorn; trips on the ASC Bus; free Notary Public service; free computer use; free Wi-Fi; and the list goes on……

​Come on down and join us:  We welcome new members, and enjoy socializing with everyone!

ASC Classroom

ASC Classroom